Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Neighborhood Sharks by Katherine Roy

Grades: 3+
Genre: Non-Fiction

Ever wondered why sharks can never stop swimming?  Or why sharks are seal hunting machines? Find out about sharks from the inside out in this great non-fiction book!

Author website: katherineroy.com/


  1. I have to say, this is not a book for the faint of heart. Don’t think for a moment that this is a kid’s picture book. Because it isn’t. First of all it’s about sharks. The kind that prey on other animals. Secondly, they eat… cute…seals. Third… there’s lots of blood. But there’s also scientists who want the best for the planet, the sharks, the seals and the food chain. It’s just…. they’re eating… cute… seals. But gosh, they are some pretty amazing sharks there. You be the judge. Ultimately, sharks are cool. They just have lots and lots of really sharp teeth… that you’ll learn about when you read the book.

    Mrs. Rose
    Chester Barrows School

    Around the clock sharks stalk their prey that are not expecting to die tonight. They slice through the water with no sound, that will alarm there prey. But when ready know one expects it...the fast death of the Immature Elephant Seal.
    Shamarey Grace School

  3. Neighborhood Sharks

    By Katherine Roy

    Review by Kieanna

    This book is about hunting with great white sharks. Every September great white sharks come right back to San Francisco. The sharks hunt in Farallon Islands. The Farallon Islands are 30 miles away from the city.

    Excellent is what Great Whites are when then are in hunting mode. White sharks drift slowly and silently through the water. Until they STRIKE.

    High Definition vision

    Great Whites have excellent eyesight. They have small but HIGHLY SENSITIVE eyes that are equipped with two different types of photoreceptors. The two different types of photoreceptors are rods and clones. These things help a white shark distinguish seal-like shapes going to the surface of the water.

    Endless Teeth

    Carcharodon Carcharias is the scientific name for jagged and tooth. There are 26 on the top of a white shark's mouth and 24 on the bottom. The bottom teeth are made to eat a variety of prey, like fish and rays for the younger sharks. Adult sharks eat marine mammals. Adult sharks have wider teeth that tilt inward so that they can get bigger bite.

    Did You know
    Sharks have lived longer than people. Sharks have circled the oceans for 11 million years. That's 10.8 million years longer than people have. The ocean is a system and understanding it and keeping it healthy is vital for both the sharks and for us.

    Kieanna The Grace School

  4. Sharks Katherine Roy

    This book is about living creatures and it tell you what they eat, how do they live, and what do they do. Here are some thing about sharks.

    1. White sharks are visual predators they target their elephant seal prey primarily by sight.

    2. Sharks mouth are designed to eat a variety of prey from fish and rays.

    3. By the time a white shark reaches ten years of age its teeth are large enough for a farallon seal feast.

    4. An adult shark can eat a 400 pound seal in under ten bites with up to 50 pounds in each bite.

    5. Every white shark bite has a five part progression that all occurs in less than a second.

    Vianel Grace school

  5. Sharks
    By: Katherine Roy
    This book tells you all about sharks it tells you what they eat, how they and all kinds of stuff. These are some stuff that the book tells you about them.

    Most sharks have blood that runs as cold as the ocean

    2. Carcharodon Carcharias the white shark’s scientific name comes from Greek words for ‘’Jagged and ‘’tooth.

    3. When a tooth wears down or falls out which happens nearly every meal a new tooth begins rotating forward to take it’s place.

    4. The White shark lifts its snout to open wide up to 40 degrees above its body while dropping its lower jaw.

    5. The shark then thrusts its upper jaw out from its skull while lifting its lower jaw pinning its prey in place like a fork pinning food to a plate.

    Roysel Grace School

  6. Neighbor Sharks is an amazing informational nonfiction book that is easy for many others to read. This book has many information so you can become a shark know it all. It can teach others how sharks may eat, how they survive, why they need to keep swimming, and even how they hunt. I highly recommend this book for people who love nonfiction informational books. :)

    The Grace School