Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rain Reign by Ann Martin

Grades: 4+
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Rose is a special 12 year-old who is obsessed with homophones and prime numbers.  During a terrible storm, her dog does missing and it is up to her to find him with help from her uncle.  However, when she finds her dog, her reunion does not go exactly as planned.

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  1. Rose does not have it easy. She knows that she’s different. She can tell you that her diagnosis is “high functioning autism”. She knows that she is obsessed with homonyms and prime numbers and following RULES and wonders why other people aren’t. Her dad is having a tough time too, but Rose knows the rules regarding him as well. She knows when he comes home late from the pub, that she needs to stay in her room and not come out. The brightest spot in her life is her dog Rain (homonym “Reign”), who her father found and brought home as an unexpected gift to Rose. But during the hurricane of the century, her dad lets Rain out and Rain doesn’t come back. Rose needs to find her lost pet, and as far as her father is concerned, she’s on her own for this one.

    Mrs. Rose
    Chester Barrows School

  2. For some reason I don't like this book. The reason why is because my dog ran away and has been gone for three weeks. She never came back. In this story a dog runs away to. The owner is named Rose. I feel sad for her because dogs running away is like my worse nightmare! I recommend this book who like Realistic Fiction, but I don't really like the book.

    Grace School

  3. #IVote

    Rain Reign is an amazing and i love how the character has Asperger it also feels like Rose is right next to you telling the story.

    Grace School