Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Loot by Jude Watson

Grades: 5+
Genre: Mystery

Twelve-year-old March has spent his life traveling the world with his father, a renowned cat burglar, learning the family business.  This all ends when his father dies during their last heist, leaving March alone and caught by the authorities.  On his way to a group home in the United States, March meets his twin sister Jules, whom he never knew existed.  March and Jules must work together to break their family curse before they die on their thirteenth birthday.

Author website: http://judewatsonbooks.com/


  1. This book is amazing. If you like adventures and mysteries then this is the perfect book for you. Every chapter leaves you thinking, so it's nearly impossible to stop reading. This book was awesome!

    A.Z. Lincoln Central

  2. I like this book. It shows that no matter what you are, thief or police, family always matters. I also like how the boy thinks "Find Jules" means a person and not jewels. One bad thing about this book is that it is slow and takes a long time to set the actual story. It spends too much time in flashback. Overall, it was a good book. I recommend it to adventure lovers.

  3. I like this book. It shows that whoever you are, thief or police, family always matters. I like the part when the boy thinks "Find Jules" means actual jewels.
    I think the book took a long time to get into the actual book. It spends too much time in flashback. Overall, it is a good book. I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure.

    Lohith C.
    Central Elementary

  4. And you thought you had a rough life.

    March McQuin has been raised by his father, Alfie McQuin, a notorious cat burglar. There is a horrible night when a robbery gone wrong ends with March seeing his father shot and killed. March is brought to an orphanage where he meets Jules, who seems uncomfortably familiar. Turns out that one of the secrets that his father never told him is that he has a twin sister. The words “double trouble” come to mind.

    Despite this book being really quick, adventurous, suspenseful and fun, I’m not sure that I want my students to read it. Why not? The book is about children who commit crimes and steal things, and the methods and plans and supplies needed for stealing these things are listed neatly in the chapters. I’m not sure that I want my students reading and getting full instructions on how to successfully commit crimes. Oh well. It is a really good read.

    Mrs. Rose
    Chester Barrows School

  5. I think this book was really surprising! I was shocked at the end! I never knew that Bleau (who originally took care of Jules and wasn't very nice) was the ACTUAL bad person, not Oscar. I liked the book because some of the characters were really bad guys! That's what makes the book interesting to read.

  6. I love this book!!!!! It totally gets my vote because of all of the amazing characters. The twists and logic were incredible. The author kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

  7. I vote for Loot for my favorite book because its full of surprise, making you want to read until its over. What I cant believe was how Alfie (March's Dad) got pushed off by Blue. What I also liked about this book is that March's twin sister Jules was a coincidence to finding jewels for Carlotta Grimstone.

  8. I think that everyone should vote for Loot because it is simply the best hands down. Just the that everything falls into place like when they assemble a team of top notch thieves that can't be stopped and who would of thought that Alfie was gonna die on the FIRST PAGE like what a turn of events. That is why I think you should vote for thee best book in Rhode Island.

    Shamarey The Grace School

  9. I think this book is really good. This is the best book ever. This book is about a thief named March and his dad. His dad gets pushed off a building. then it starts to get instructing he becomes a thief he finds out that he has a sister named Jewels they don't really get along but they start to make up. They worked together and got along that's why l love it. :)

    Tomas The Grace School

  10. I think you should pick this book for the best because this is a really good book and I pick this book because in the first page you might think they are going to jail and you think they will rob a lot of stuff but actually the dad dies the first part. You should vote for it because it is full of surprises.

    Yolanny The Grace School :)