Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Joltin' Joe Dimaggio by Jonah Winter

Grades: 3+
Genre: Non-Fiction

When he was only nineteen years old, Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio, Jr., an Italian immigrant from San Francisco, stepped into the retiring shoes of Babe Ruth on the Yankees baseball team.  Joe was quiet and shy, yet he fought prejudice and made headlines for his 56-game hitting streak.

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  1. Here is the picture book biography for every kid who dreams of becoming a sports star. Joe DiMaggio was a skinny kid who was supposed to follow the family business and become a fisherman like his dad. He wasn’t supposed to become a star baseball player. At the time, there was too much prejudice against Italian Americans for Joe to make it big. And what was the secret to his success? There were a few, but amazingly Joe DiMaggio had a legendary talent for … keeping his mouth shut!

    Mrs. Rose
    Chester Barrows School

  2. This book told me about Babe Ruth who played for the Yankees. I am a Red Sox Fan, but I liked this book. I wish I could have seen him play.
    Phoebe Grace School

  3. Joe DiMaggio went against all odds and was determined to follow his dreams. Who wouldn't want to read a book with this message? this book is an example for young readers from all walks of life to continue to push through negativity, fear and persecution to conquer their conquest.

  4. This book took me into the world of baseball. I loved reading about Joe DiMaggio and his adventures. I am a Yankee's fan. I want to be a professional athlete when I grow up, like my cousin. I would like to be famous for running track or be a coach.
    Nereida Grace School

    1. I agree with you Nereida that Joltin' Joe DiMaggio did change my perspective, of baseball and this book teach me that even if your little you can still be really good at something.

  5. Joltin Joe DiMaggio
    By:Jonah Winter

    This book has a lot of compassion and what I mean by that is Joe had a drive he never gave up and he had a lot of compassion for the game of baseball. Believe it or not baseball was once the sport on top, bigger than football and basketball and everyone did something to get involved and San Francisco did not have a baseball team in the 1920’s but they still had a say in it like reading about it in the papers and that little skinny kid at the top of the hill yelling read all about it and that kids name was Joe DiMaggio. He loved and valued the game of baseball but his father who was a fisherman from Italy and he wanted all of his son’s to become fisherman but Joe hated fishing he hated boats and hated the smell of fish oh and it was a low paying job.

    As Joe got older he tried to be quiet and shy but that's hard when you're walking around the house 6 foot 2. Joe became a baseball player for the secondary league and it was a good paying job but his father said it’s not work it’s play but when his dad saw how much money he was bringing in his tune changed(Notice how no matter what he never stopped playing baseball.).Soon he got in the major leagues and never ever struck out and that’s how he got the name Joltin Joe and whenever the press asked him questions he had nothing to say he just smiled.
    Shamarey Grace School

  6. He was a great baseball player. I like to watch baseball on tv.

    Michael Grace School

  7. This book is good book to read. This book is about a famous baseball player. Joe DiMaggio was a good person and a good baseball player. I think kids 4th to 6th should read this book. this book tells you some important facts. I wish I was Joe DiMaggio

    This book will make you laugh and want to keep you reading. Maurice the Grace school.

  8. Joe DiMaggio is a great book it had meaning and feeling. This book would be a great book for other people, this will tech you something to go for your dream. Joe was a good man some people wish that they can dreams like Joe.

  9. Joltin' Joe DiMaggio is a great book for kids to read. It talks about how even if you try you can still be good at baseball and that's what Joe DiMaggio did in this book. Joe DiMaggio was also a great slugger in baseball.
    Carlos Grace School

  10. This book is about Joe DiMaggio going into baseball history. Meaning that when Joe was little he loved baseball and he was good then his father wanted him to have his job as a fisherman but Joe knew he was better than that.So he joined baseball because of his accuracy with hitting the ball and that's how Joe became famous.
    Jacob in the Grace School

  11. This book is so awesome. This book is about a kid who loved baseball and wanted to do baseball but his dad wanted him to be fisherman but then he was on a baseball team the San Francisco Seals then he got on the New York Yankee's then got married to Marilyn Monroe. I'M A YANKEE'S FAN