Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff

Grades: 4+
Genre: Realistic Fiction

It's hard not to be good at anything.  Just ask ten-year-old Albie, who is failing math and is the target of the school bully.  His parents hire a tutor/ babysitter for him and insist that he "just needs to try harder in school."  Albie learns to cope with stress of a new school while learning to stand up to the bully and make new friends.

Author website: www.lisagraff.com/


  1. Albie really wants to be good at something, but it’s hard. School isn’t making it any easier. His parents and his grandfather sure don’t make it any easier. Changing schools and not being with old friends might not have been the best solution. It’s tough to navigate classmates and figure out what’s cool and what isn’t in a new school. Or who the bullies are… and when you might find out… and who your real friends really are.

    Mrs. Rose
    Chester Barrows School

  2. This is a really good book because the setting is wonderful. Also Albie is a really nice book. This book is really going to make your mouth water, it talks about donuts. This book tells you about his life and his struggles. Albie is a nice boy but he cant really do spelling. His parents and grandfather sure don't make it easier or school. He's changing schools so he's not going be seeing he's friends anymore. You should read this book it has a little twist to it.
    Tomas Grace School

  3. Albie is an almost in school she never does anything right but almost does. She has a big bond with her friends she tries to be cool but knows she's getting bullied. She tries to help her friend because she is not cool but she finds out being cool isn't cool. and every one make fun of her.

  4. This Book is really cool! It is cool b/c it reminds me about my life b/c we both like&dislike about things. Plus the book has every thing a book would need it has Friendship's,Jokes and Art. Ablie is also having a hard time with making friends and is now getting confused with who is his friend and who is his enemy's.
    Dashon Grace School

  5. This book really didn't interest me at first but once I gave it a second chance I loved It. This book would be great to a person who sees things differently. I thought that this book have a completely different ending. This is a great read for anybody. So many turns await.
    Xavier Grace School

  6. Absolutely Almost is a awesome book. This book has short chapters so it's a easy read which of course everyone loves, because come on you can read it super fast this book takes like 3 days to read.

    The Characters are relatable, because everyone struggles in school. I think everyone should vote for it because it's so awesome that it should. win!!! :)