Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another Day as Emily by Eileen Spinelli

Grades: 3+
Genre: Novel in Verse

Eleven year-old- Suzy has been having a run of bad luck and hurt feelings- especially with the attention her little brother is getting for making a heroic 911 call.  Suzy decided that she'll be better off becoming a reclusive poet like Emily Dickinson.  How hard can it be to spend the summer in her room, writing poetry, with no friends, no visitors and none of the ususal summer fun?

Author website: www.eileenspinelli.com/


  1. How irritating would it be if your three year old brother became a local hero for dialing 911 and helping to save an elderly neighbor? Suzy is in this situation. It’s summer and she should be enjoying herself and her best friend, but her annoying brother is getting all of this hero attention and lots of things are getting messed up. When Suzy doesn’t get a role in the Summer Theatre group and her best friend does, that’s it, she wants to quit civilization. At the same time she becomes enthralled with the famous reclusive poet Emily Dickinson. For the uninformed, Emily Dickinson barely left her house (except to go to church), only wore long white dresses (hey, it’s the 1800s, okay?), and communicated only by letter (no phone, no text). Is this really how you want to spend your summer? This charming story is told is free verse poetry (which means it’s really fast to read!!!!)

    Mrs. Rose
    Chester Barrows School

  2. Another Day as Emily
    By: Eileen Spinelli

    This book is about a girl named Emily. She lives with her Mom, Dad, and her little brother who apparently turn into a hero by dialing 911 after their neighbor Mrs.Harden collapsed trying to get Emily’s brother a cookie. Emily also has a friend called Alison, Alison is a pain in the bottom at least that's what Emily thinks of her but in a kind way. In Emily’s neighborhood there's been a little bit of problems, As I said Mrs.Harden collapsed trying to get a cookie for Emily’s brother, There has also been a lost ring plus accusation. Their other neighbor Mrs.Bagwell apparently lost her precision ring and she accused Gilbert (Emily’s other friend) that he took the ring because he help her move a couple of boxes to the attic, Mrs.Bagwell was wrong. a crow took her ring I know it sounds a little bit weird but yes the crow swooped down while Mrs. Bagwell wasn’t looking and he apparently took the ring to his nest. Your question might be, how did they find it or how did they know? Well Mrs.Bagwell asked someone to cut some branches of her tree and while that person was cutting of the branches he noticed something sparkling on the branches on the floor It was Mrs.Bagwell's Ring. Now I sorta skipped ahead to this story but before they found the ring as you know Emily’s brother became famous for dialing 911 and the Mayor afford to let him ride in the back of her car on the 4th of July for the parade Emily Has a fish and she talks to her fish about everything that happened that day. She sorta blurt out that she was jealous of her brother getting to ride in the back of the Mayor’s car for the parade. I personally think this book is about inclusive because the Mayor is including Emily’s brother to ride in her car in the parade. Also Emily included Alsion to join her in the tween time which is a club that you read all summer and have field trips also do projects together. They also make Emily’s little brother feel included by making him famous because he dialed 911.

  3. There is a girl named Emily. One day Emily's little brother became a hero b/c he called 911 after Mrs. Harden fell down. She was trying to give Emily's brother a cookie. Emily also has a friend named Alison but she is a pain in the neck but that's what Emily thinks. Emily's little brother thinks that he's a hero just b/c he dialed 911.Mrs. Bagwell lost her ring and she accused Gilbert oh that's right.
    I think this book was ok.

  4. I voted for this book because it was a good book it showed that even if your little brother or sister is having all the attention then you can still have fun and your parents still care about you and Emily had a hard time figuring that out in this book but at near the end Emily's little brother got lost and Emily didn't really care but then she noticed that it is not all about her in her life it actually is about her family this is my reason why i voted for this book.