Monday, April 1, 2013

Barnum's Bones by Tracey Fern

Grades: 3-4

Do you love dinosaurs? Would you like to be a “Bone Hunter?”
Barnum Brown did and was! As a boy Barnum loved bones and he dreamed about finding bones from a species that no one had ever found before. Read this true story about an unusual boy who became famous for finding bones.

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Bill the Boy Wonder: the Secret Co-creator of Batman by Marc Tyler Nobleman

Grades: 3-6

Who really created Batman? After years of obscurity, Batman’s true
creator is finally credited with the invention of one the most famous
superheroes of all time.

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Brother from a Box by Evan Kuhlman

Grades: 4-6

Sixth-grader Matt Rambeau finds out what it is like to have a brother
(some assembly required) when his father, a computer genius, creates a robot kid named Norman. Norman goes to school with Matt, shares his feelings and ideas, plays, and even does chores, but will he be able to fight for his "life" when he ends up being chased by spies?

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Dogs on Duty:Soldier's Best Friends on the Battlefield and Beyond by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Grades: 3-6

Throughout history, dogs have been key contributors to military units.
This book follows man’s best friend onto the battlefield, showing
readers why dogs are uniquely qualified for military missions, how they
are trained, become soldiers, and what happens when they retire.

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Double Dog Dare by Lisa Graff

Grades: 4-6

 Fourth grade students Francine and Kansas are in a double dare contest
to win the morning announcer spot for their school. These dares are out
of control until the two enemies discover their common secret.

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