Monday, April 1, 2013

Double Dog Dare by Lisa Graff

Grades: 4-6

 Fourth grade students Francine and Kansas are in a double dare contest
to win the morning announcer spot for their school. These dares are out
of control until the two enemies discover their common secret.

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  1. Double dog dare is a fictional, it is about two kids who absolutely hate each other. They dare each other and who ever wins they get points, and who ever does not do the dare, then the other person wins. They were competing for morning announcements over who got to be on camera. The book does not have pictures in it. The author wants us to imagine the book in action. I like the book because its almost just like me and I understand, the book more than the book understands its self. The charterers are Francine and Kansans and the hint that I will give you today is they might... That's all you need to know today! :-0
    Morgan Grace School Grade 5

  2. I read a book called double Dog Dare by Lisa Graff. It is fiction. It's about a war of dares. It is between Kansas Bloom and Francine. They give each other 1 dare per day. It takes place at school, at there house and yoga class. Double Dog Dare is a chapter book. I liked it because it was funny with all the dares :-) Other people should read it if they like dares.
    Robby 5 Grace School

  3. I thought this book was hysterical. I found out about this book after my friend Isabella read it. I like all the double dog dares that Kansas and Francine do in the book. One of the funniest dares that Francine does is eat 87 packets of ketchup. If you like to do dares or just like funny books, then Double Dog Dare

    Leah F the Grace School.