Monday, April 1, 2013

Dogs on Duty:Soldier's Best Friends on the Battlefield and Beyond by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Grades: 3-6

Throughout history, dogs have been key contributors to military units.
This book follows man’s best friend onto the battlefield, showing
readers why dogs are uniquely qualified for military missions, how they
are trained, become soldiers, and what happens when they retire.

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  1. I have read this book, in fact, I have this book at my house! I will probably nominate this for the RICBAs for 2014!!

  2. Joelle Grace School-
    I learned a dog had been a key member of navy seal . His name is Cairo and his breed is a Belgian Milionis (MAL-IN-WAH).I would recommend this book to anyone who loves big military dogs.

  3. I liked this book a lot! The German Shepard dogs look like my dog Willie

  4. Yadellis Grace School-
    I learned about how dogs train to be in the military from puppies to adults! I also learned how MWD's dogs become so attached to their people! I would recommend this book to dog lovers and for people who never give up.

  5. I really liked this book because they had this toy that they put food in for the puppies to train them. The book has a lot of good pictures .I loved this book. PEOPLE HAVE TO READ IT If they like stories about army dogs.

    Quenten / Edy Grace School

    4 grade

  6. This book is about different kinds of dogs who get trained. This book is a very good book because of all the facts and photographs. I learned a few facts that I didn't know. Kids would love this book if they love dogs and non fiction.

    Cassandra 4th Grade, Grace School, Providence Rhode Island

  7. Ashlee C. Gr. 5A Winsor Hill, Johnston, RI
    Dogs on Duty is a nonfiction book about dogs helping soldiers. This book's setting is on military bases.I liked this book because it's about dogs and i love dogs!Dogs in this book wore special vests and were trained to sniff out bombs and explosives. People from back then chose to give away their dogs so that they can serve the military during world war 2. Handlers used cans for training before getting their dog. They get hoisted up so they can get used to the heights .In this book all photos are important because how would you know how certain dogs looked? I think you should read this book because it gives you good information and shows you cute dogs!

  8. Janet C., Gr 4H Winsor Hill, Johnston, RI
    The book is about dogs helping soldiers on military bases.Some facts I learned about military dogs are that,these special dogs can help search for bombs and that these dogs are trained with a toy instead of food so they know only to go to that toy.I would give this book a 4\5 stars and that anyone that likes dogs should read this book.

  9. Megan G. Gr. 4H Winsor Hill, Johnston, RI
    I liked this book because I like dogs working with the military. The most important job they do is to sniff out bombs. Dogs are able to detect IED'S. Dogs are the #1 best helpers in the world.That's why I like the story DOGS ON DUTY.STAR RATING:5/5.

  10. Joseph T, Gr. 4H, Winsor Hill, Johnston, RI
    This book is about how dogs help soldiers in the military. The facts I learned from this book are that dogs can sniff out bombs, weapons, and devices. Also if dogs can't complete training to be a successful MWD, they may have to get adopted. Only certain dogs can do special jobs in the military. I gave the book 4/5 stars. I think people who like military dogs should read this book.

  11. Alana and Ashley, Gr. 4H, Winsor Hill, Johnston, RI
    This book is about dogs in war and the military, what they do and how they are trained. These are some of the facts from the story: The puppies that are born at Lackland AFB are given names beginning with double letters. The dogs help people when they need help. Some of these dogs can sniff out poison or gunpowder. Also, the dogs train with toys, not food. Other kids might like this book if they like dogs, the military or both! But in our opinion we thought this boo was boring even though we DO like dogs!

  12. Jalen S. and Nicholas S., Gr. 4H, Winsor Hill, Johnston, RI
    THis book is about dogs who work for the military and how they help people, sometimes even save lives. We found out that dogs can even jump out of planes and use parachutes. We learned that soldiers practice with fake dogs before getting a real one. The military raises some dogs but trains all the dogs that will serve as MWDs. We only gave this book 2/5 stars because we don't really like to read non-fiction.

  13. Carlos C., Gr. 4H, Winsor Hill, Johnston, RI
    This book is about dogs helping their partners during battle. I like the book a lot because it is about dogs. During wartime, dogs might get shot or killed. Thousands of people gave their dogs to the military during WWII so they could serve. Dogs can find missing soldiers. Some dogs are trained to sniff for bombs or guns. I gave this book 5/5 stars. It has great information but has photographs instead of illustrations. That is important because they can better show us what it is really like for dogs in the military.

  14. Dominique I. and Arvi-Mae D., Gr. 4H, Winsor Hill, Johnston, RI
    This book is about military working dogs (MWDs) and how they are raised and trained. We liked this book and rated it 3/5 stars. The photographs showed us lots of details. We learned that dogs can learn to jump out of planes. They are sometimes lifted above ground in practice because they might have to be forced to reach high places quickly and safely during battles and must learn to be comfortable. Some dogs are trained to sniff out bombs while others sniff out drugs. Trainers work with "can dogs" before they are given real dogs. Dogs are very close to their handlers and know it is their duty to protect them. During WWII families volunteered their pets to help soldiers in battle. We would recommend this book to people who like dogs and love the military.

  15. Mrs. Sgambato's Gr. 3 class, Barnes School, Johnston, RI

    This book is about trained dogs in the U.S. military. Dogs are used because they have better vision, hearing and sense of smell than humans and can help protect people. MWD's are military working dogs. The most instensively trained of these are SSD's (Specialized Search Dogs). They search for bombs, drugs and other things. Dogs form a great connection with people. Four thousand dogs served during the Vietnam War. If a dog is injured or ill they have to go to a special dog hospital (Holland Dog Hospital) to recover. Most of the students in our class did not feel that this book held their interest and found that it had too many details. The students that did like this book mostly liked it because they liked the military and dogs as well as learning lots about them. People who have some kind of connection to the military might be interested in reading this book. Also people who might need helping dogs could be interested in learning about training.