Sunday, March 31, 2013

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen

Grades: 5-6

When Sage is taken from his orphanage by a nobleman, his life
completely changes. He soon discovers that he is part of a plot to
impersonate the long lost prince of the kingdom. Since only one boy
will be chosen, defiant Sage has to be the one … or it could mean his

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  1. This book is one of a kind and it is sure to grab the reader's attention. I read this book and I couldn't put it down.

    Sixth grader at Cedar Hill

    1. This book is so awesome. You have to read it if you want to know what's going to happen.

      Shamarey 4th grade

  2. This wonderful book is fast pace and easy to follow. When Sage gets taken from a orphanage, he is trained to be perfection. To find out more read "The False Prince" today.

    H.G. 5C Lincoln Central Elementary School

  3. In this story, Sage gets taken by a man named Conner. Four other boys are taken too, Tobias, Roden, Mott and Sage. At Conner's castle, Sage becomes friends with one of Conner's servants. Her name is Imogen. At the end of this book, Sage becomes king.