Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Templeton Twins have an idea by Ellis Weiner

Grades: 3-6

This hilarious adventure features genius inventors, nefarious kidnappers, and a pair of very clever 12-year-old twins. The narrator makes you laugh out loud with his snarky comments.

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  1. The Templeton Twins is a wonderful book!!!

    This book is about Abigail and John Templeton and when they get kidnapped!!!And how they go on a adventures!!!!!My favorite character is Abigail because she always has a idea and is very fun!
    If you like adventures and action,this is a book for you!!

    Mya L. Greenbush Elementary School Mrs Smith and Miss Kless

  2. Rebecca B- Meeting Street School, Providence, Rhode Island- The Templeton twins have a idea is a fictional {silly} book. The narrator's comments {like the one about the meatloaf} are, in my opinion, unnecessary but just make this book funnier. The plot is good {plus the humor}. The whole book is funny. I recommend this book to people who like to read funny books.


  3. In this book, the main characters are John and Abigail Templeton. They are twin brother and sister!!! Their father, Elton Templeton, is a professor at a college called Tick Tock Tech. If you have a twin brother or sister, then this book is totally for you!!! Leah F Grace School

  4. This book is about twins named Abigail and John. I like this book because the author is very funny. Their father professor Templeton invented a helicopter. Abigail and john get kidnapped by Dean D. Dean. Dean D. Dean has a twin brother named Dan D. Dean. During this book they try to escape. I think kids should read this book because its funny.

    Cassandra R. Grade 4,Grace School, Providence RI