Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Whole Story of Half a Girl by Veera Hiranandani

Grades: 4-6

Just when Sonia Nadhamuri, did not think it could get any worse – it
did! This half Indian, half Jewish American girl’s dad has lost his job
and she must leave her beloved alternative school and enroll in the new
world of public school. During the year, she discovers what really
matters and who her true friends are in order to make her whole again!

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  1. In this book, there is a girl character named Sonia. She is half jewish and half indian. After her father loses his job, Sonia goes to a new middle school called Maplewood Middle Schhol. So far, I like the book.

    Leah F Grace School

  2. This book is about a girl named Sonia Nadhamuri. Sonia's cultural background is half Jewish and half Indian. Sonia's dad loses his job during this book. Sonia goes to a new public school. My favorite part is when Sonia has a sleepover with her friend. I think kids would love this book if they like realistic fiction.

    Cassandra 4th Grade, Grace School, Providence Rhode Island

  3. This book is about a girl named Sonia Nadhamuni and her family as they go through many adventures. My favorite quote from this book was where the cheerleader at the tryouts said, “Next up, Sonia Nada-hooey,” the captain of the cheerleading team said. This book was an excellent book because the characters had wonderful personalities the book was also very hysterical and I also like the friends of the main characters and they had wonderful personalities as well.

    Jessica B.
    Greenbush Elementary School
    West Warwick