Sunday, March 31, 2013

Snakes by Nic Bishop

Grades: 3-6

Are all snakes poisonous? How do they find their prey? Did you know
they hear by using the bones in their jaws? Explore the fascinating and
sometimes horrifying world of snakes with vivid, full page photographs
and engaging facts that will give you a new appreciation of these scaly
silent creatures.

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  1. This book is about snakes and other reptiles. I like this book because I like snakes and animals.The pictures are amazing close ups of snakes and reptiles. I recommend this book to people who like snakes and animals and nature. I would not recommend this to people that don’t like animals or nature. Also for the people that like animals look at his other books about animals and reptiles.

    Aaron P. 4th grade student at Greenbush School, West Warwick

  2. I think this book is really cool. It has a lot of cool photography in it.

  3. This Book is about all different kinds of snakes all over the world. I learned a lot of facts about snakes in this book .I liked all the photographs in this book. There is also a lot of amazing pictures. I think kids should read this book . I think that they would love all the facts and pictures in this book
    like I do.
    Cassandra 4th Grade Grace School, Providence Rhode Island

  4. The reason I read this book which I loved is because it told me to. If your kind of confused why I said ''it told me to'' I will explain. It told me by saying ''come read me'' and of course the snake on the cover told me. It told me a lot of interesting facts. The interesting facts were ''what were they adapted to'' and ''what are the ones that are most poisons or what were there size of a type of snake''. So that is what I wrote about for the book I hope you enjoyed.

  5. Snakes the book is about snakes all around the world, snakes are scaly. And they are silent predators. The snakes are photograph the pictures are important because they can really tell the story.I liked the because it was easy other people should read this book because it doesn't take long and it is easy.

  6. In the book snakes the snakes can't swallow any thing bigger than its mouth. A vipers fangs fold back when not using them. Some snakes eat the bones from animals. Some snakes look like leaves. Snakes sometimes ooze a bad smelling liquid on them.

    Quenten Grade 4
    Grace school