Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kinda Like Brothers by Coe Booth

Grades: 5+
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Jarrett's life is disrupted when his mom takes in a 12-year-old foster child.  Jarrett's summer at the Youth Center is also being ruined by the foster "brother" who seems to excel in everything.  The friction between the the boys escalates and threatens both of them as they grow to understand the others pain.

Author website: coebooth.com/


  1. Jarrett has a lot on his mind. One thing is he’s in danger of failing 6th grade, which would leave him behind all of his friends and possibly get him sent to a different school. Another thing is his mom takes in so many foster kids, he has no idea who he will see in his house any day. It’s usually infants, sometimes toddlers. But when Kevon shows up with his toddler sister…. It’s another matter entirely. Kevon is Jarrett’s age, he’s secretive, he’s lying to Jarrett’s mother, and… he’s better at some things than Jarrett is. It’s really hard to be thrown together with someone you don’t know, you don’t trust, and who has secrets that you have to protect (even though he’s keeping other secrets from you). So you have to share your room… and your life… with someone that you don’t know and don’t feel comfortable enough to like.

    There are some hard issues in this book, but ultimately you’ll be glad you read it.

    Mrs. Rose
    Chester Barrows School

  2. I think this is a kind of good book but some parts were kind of sad. I like how he does not sit around watching tv he works on trailers. I also like how his mom is a foster mother. The book is more on everyone then just the two boys.
    Grace school

  3. This story is highly recommended not only to students who may come from a fortunate background but to teachers who educate inner city children. a child is not born bad their are many other factors that contribute to the individuals behavioirs. this story takes you on a journey of what many foster children encounter as they are bounced from home to home, and their environments change. In my opinion it is essential to do some background work about a person before passing judgment and labeling them.

  4. Kinda like brothers is a realistic fiction book. Jarret gets a foster kid named Kevon. Kevon does not like Jarret does not like kevon that much and Kevon doesn't like Jarret that much. Kevon wants to protect his dad because people think his dad hurt his children. After a while they start getting along until they get into each others business. This book is really good I recommend reading it.
    Liam The Grace School

  5. This book is fantastic. b/c it has stuff you might think remind you about your own life. You will like this book b/c it realistic fiction so the book is not fantsy
    Dashon Grace School

  6. I don't understand why Jarrett's mom brings home so many foster kids home like everyday he does not know who he is going to see. Is it like some wired hobby or her job to do that I would find that annoying if my mom brought in a new kid like every day. Maybe Jarrett found it stressful because he was at the verge of failing 6th grade then all of his friends would move up while he is stuck there because he did get his mind right. Well what do you think about this book do you agree with me why or why not.
    Shamarey The Grace school

  7. I think you should read this book because it tells you not to selfish and to not be mean to people you don't really know show respect. I would read this book because Jarrett's mom takes in orphans that have been treated badly. She is a great woman. I related to the boy because I also play basketball.
    Maurice , Grace school, providence.