Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Death by Toilet Paper by Donna Gephardt

Grades: 4+
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Have you ever dreamed of entering a sweepstakes and winning the big cash prize? That's exactly Benjamin's plan to fulfill his promise to his Dad and to save himself and his mom from being evicted.  Plans never go smoothly especially when you are being bullied at school and your grandfather with Alzheimer's moves in.

Author website: www.donnagephart.com/


  1. This looks like a great book. I cant wait until it comes out.

  2. This book is really funny you should read it.

  3. This book looks great. I look forward reading it.
    Lincoln Central

  4. i really want to read it it looks funny

  5. This is the most funniest book I have ever read. I read this book to my family and they were laughing like crazy. I would secretly read the book at my house.
    Lincoln central

  6. With a name like that, how can you NOT read this book?

    Ben Epstein lives with his mom and they have BIG troubles. Ben’s dad died recently of cancer and Ben’s mom is trying to get a better job, but things take time. They are about to be evicted from their apartment. Ben wants to help by entering contests to win prizes to help bring some money in. There’s a toilet paper contest, and Ben is convinced that he can win. Ben has a best friend with great ideas, a grandfather who is beginning to decline with Altzheimer’s , and a horrible bully at school. Actually, I was afraid of some particularly heavy stuff that happens in this book…. I was afraid to keep reading it and I was more afraid to stop reading it. So I skipped sleep that night. Anyway, it’s well worth reading for the toilet paper quotes alone. Examples: “Each day, 83,048,116 rolls of toilet paper are produced worldwide.” “Psycho was the first movie to show a toilet flushing. That scene caused scores of indecency complaints”. “Most toilets flush on E-flat”. “It takes about 384 trees to produce the toilet paper one person uses in a lifetime”. However, these are the TAME quotes. If you want to read the really gross ones and the ones in questionable taste… you have to read the book.

    Mrs. Rose
    Chester Barrows School

  7. i love this book you should read it

  8. This book reminds me of school and when I first started living in a apartment building. I think grades 5th to 6th should read this book. this book is good to read if you are bored. I recommend kids to read tis amazing book. I read this book because it said stuff that was going on in my lifetime. I think Benjamin Is a really funny and important and so is his grandpa and mom. To me this book was really, really funny and very well detailed book.
    Maurice grace school.

    I recommend you to read this book because it will inspire you.

  9. This book had an experience of a chance to win something big (A.K.A. toilet paper a life supply), Ben wanted to help his mom with the rent so he entered contest and sold candy bars, until he got in trouble for selling candy bars . Ben had all the money he needed until a kid which I call a big bully. The kid stole all the money he had. there is a big twist in the story with toilet that you should read it.
    Angelika Grace school.