Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Winter Bees by Joyce Sidman

Grades: 3+
Genre: Poetry

Animals have different ways of coping with winter.  Along with great illustrations, this book of poems will teach you how different animals and plants survive in the winter.

Author website: www.joycesidman.com/


  1. Thank goodness for poetry books. It’s a bonus when the book is about something that you’re interested in anyway—animals, nature, adapting to cold weather, cool and sometimes gross and sometimes funny facts. Winter Bees is well worth reading and enjoying the creativity of the poetry and the excellent illustrations. A huge bonus: you will learn things that you didn’t know. And they are cool.

    Mrs. Rose
    Chester Barrows School

  2. Pahriz says I agree with you the book has good poems and good facts
    Grace School Providence

  3. Through the story I loved learning about things while reading a poem. My favorite poem about this story would have to be Winter bees, that was a coincidence how the title of the story was named Winter bees.I would recommend this story to poem lovers.
    Nereida Grace school.

  4. I liked winter bees the poems were made in a time line and made me smile. My favorite poem was dream of the Tundra Swan.It was smart. I loved this book I totally recommend reading it.
    Liam Grace school

  5. the poem Winter bees is about a bees perspective about winter and what the bees do to survive the winter.
    Jackson Grace school

  6. This book is not particularly one of my favorites and here is why. All its about is what a bunch of different animals and insects and what they do in the winter time. Yea maybe there were some facts that some people did not know but maybe its just me because I'm not really interested in nature but if you are that's cool too but for me i just don't care for it. Maybe you agree with me and if you don't I would like to here what you have to say.what do you think about this book?