Tuesday, April 14, 2015

El Deafo by Cece Bell

Grade: 4+
Genre: Graphic Novel

All the other students at Cece's old school were deaf and didn't care about her Phonic Ear.  At her new school, the device she needs seems to be repelling the one thing she really wants: a friend.  This graphic novel chronicles the author's experience with hearing loss.

Author website: https://cecebell.wordpress.com


  1. Best. Book. Ever.

    That’s really all you need to know.

    But if you want to know more…

    Remember Wonder by R.J. Palacio? The story of Auggie Pullman, who desperately wants to have friends and fit in? Well, Auggie is not the only person who is different. And some people have differences that you can’t really see.

    Cece is 4 when she contracts meningitis. One of its lasting effects is that she loses the ability to hear. At first Cece goes to a special school with other kids who can’t hear, but when her family moves to a big house in a small town, there isn’t a school with the special services she needs. Cece needs to go to school with a huge hearing device called the Phonic Ear. People look at her funny and don’t understand what she needs or how to be her friend.

    What I haven’t told you: 1)this book is the most cool graphic novel ever; 2) turns out this book is a an autobiography—it’s the author’s real life experiences; 3)Cece discovers that she has a REAL LIFE SUPER POWER (no, no hints); 4) You might notice that R.J. Palacio wrote a wonderful comment on the cover of El Deafo (hint—R.J. Palacio wrote Wonder); 5) All of your favorite authors are Cece Bell’s friends; 5) The author is married to Tom Angleberger, who wrote Origami Yoda, among many other books.

    Mrs. Rose
    Chester Barrows School

  2. I think this book was a good book because at first she had little friends but at the end she is friends with the whole class.
    Jaylynn Grace school

  3. This book was such an inspirational story. It was nice to read about how other individuals react to difference at such a young age. I would highly recommend this book to all communities that supports inclusion.

  4. This book was the most best out of all because it was talking about experiencing being deaf and being different. Just because Cece had hearing aids she pretended she was a super hero named El Deafo. When Cece pretended to be a super hero she felt normal and really brave.
    Angelika Grace Providence

  5. I think this book tells you about Cece bells life exept with bunnys witch is pretty good for a childrens book so that's a starter I mean she has meningitis then and looses all ability to hear then when she gets older a little girl moves in named Laura then gets poked in the eye with a branch almost loosing her ability to see but Cece is alright but Laura isn't getting sick every time Laura sees cece.then Cece gets a little older needing to get glasses mostly because she got poked in the eye with a branch.

    1. This post was nice it had meaning in this story.
      Rahmirror Grace school

  6. El Deafo is a great book it is super cool. El Deafo is about a girl named Cece Bell. She discovers she is deaf which makes her feels a little bit sad. Cece is sad because she doesn't like being deaf because all the kids make fun of her. But then Cece pretends she has a super power she pretends that since she has hearing aids she can hear everything also she can hear some private things from the teachers in her school. El Deafo is a really great book I suggest it to anyone who likes a great graphic novel.
    Carlos Grace School Providence

  7. This book was a great book. It was best then the other books. This book touch my heart. I have a friend and he has a hearing aid. Some people look at him the wrong way. I feel sad for the this other guy he has hard of hearing when its too loud.
    Rahmirror Grace School Providence

  8. This book touched my heart. No, more than that. Beautiful. I loved it. It is about a girl who at the young age of 4, got spinal meningitis and was rendered deaf so she needed a hearing aid and she goes to a normal school. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. B.O.O.K.

    Roger Grace School in Providence

  9. El Deafo
    By:Cece Bell
    The book El Deafo has a lot of inclusivity. Just by reading it you can tell most people treat her as a regular person who does everything they do but everyone likes her more because of what she can with her hearing aids, like when she was listening to see when the teacher would come back but there are so me not good things about her hearing aids, like when a teacher yells or something really loud is next to the microphone that she has.
    There is also a lot of compassion in this book and I would know because in the book Cece had a friend Martha depart because of an accident when they were playing in the front yard and Cece got poked in the eye with a very low tree branch and then all Martha does is avoid Cece because every time they meet she throws up and runs away. In the book the reason she runs away is she felt so bad about her eye and thought what if she made her blind, she felt so bad.
    Shamarey Grace School

  10. El Deafo

    This book by Cece Bell, is about inclusivity.It was written by Cece Bell. It is also an autobiography. It was hard for Cece to make friends. The first friend she had made was Laura. At first Laura seemed nice, but then Laura was mean to her. The more time Cece spent with Laura, the more mean Laura ended being to Cece and the more lists Cece made. The list that Cece made was a pro-and-con list.

    Friends with Laura

    Yes No

    1.gave me fritos in first grade 1. very pushy

    2.does not care about hearing aid 2. bad times

    3.good times 3. more bad times (Fluff)

    4.twin stuff


    When Cece moved on to second grade, she realized that she still had to deal with Laura at HOME instead of at school. While at school Cece made a new friend. Her name is Ginny. Ginny DID notice her hearing aid. When Ginny noticed it, she start-ed talk-ing to Ce-ce like thiiiiiiissssss. And. Like. This. Cece finally couldn’t take it anymore and yelled at Ginny to stop talking to her like that.Ginny still talked to her the way she did before.

    It seemed like Ginny forgave Cece or just decided to make fun of her instead. Ginny invited Cece to her sleepover birthday party. When Ginny told the most popular girl in school, Misty, that Cece was deaf, Misty started talking to her the way that ginny did.They tried to give cece a makeover. Cece finally left when Ginny turned off the lights and all the others started giggling with Ginny.
    Cece’s mom tried to make her take sign language classes they learned animals, family, and manners. they all tried to make her participate but she just wouldn’t. Then her mom did sign language at home too. Cece Finally just gave up.

    Kieanna The Grace School

  11. Mr. Ferris and His Wheel

    By Katherine Gibbs and Gilbert Ford

    I always wondered who, where and when the Ferris Wheel was invented. Katherine Gibbs Davis and Gilbert Ford helped me really understand where, and why it was created.

    Excellence is what the Ferris Wheel is. George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. created the Ferris Wheel because France has the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower was Big and people could get on it and see most of paris in from there. George wanted to create something that moves and people can ride on. He came up with a BIG wheel that turns. It took them weeks to build it. By the time it was finished many many people were there to see it. George and his wife were the first to ride it. Before they did, they tested it to make sure it was safe for people to ride.When it was many people decided to ride it for months and months.

    I love Ferris Wheels. I only have one thing to say to George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. ………. Thank You for The Ferris Wheel.

    Kieanna The Grace School

  12. Its a grate book. The beginning is very sad because she gets sick. And losses her hearing. She goes to a new school for children who have hard hearing. She has a friend but soon moves away. Cece soon finds a new friend. Her hearing problems makes her think she has a super power.
    El Deafo is a grate book and I loved it you should read it to.

    Jackson graceschool

  13. This is a really good because its a little girl named Cece Bell. She is a really nice book but she is deaf so she has hearing adds. Also she became a super hero in her oun mind.
    Tomas the grace School

  14. I am voting for this book because Cece bell was little then was diagnosed with a disease that caused her to never hear again but still manages to get friends.
    Jacob Grace School

  15. This book is a really good book. Never before have I seen a book as heartwarming and beautiful as this. El Deafo is a very great book and you should vote for this. A lot of people can relate to CeCe because she had trouble getting friends, but she found very good friends. This story is told in a graphic novel and everyone in it is a bunny. This makes the story a lot more enjoyable. Well, anyway, please vote for this.
    Roger at the Grace School

  16. This book and all the scenes such as the one when CeCe was diagnosed with the disease but she thought she was a superhero.

  17. I Eleanna voted for the book El Defo. I think you should vote for this book. Why, because this book is different than others. If you are in the begging of the book you would think that it is all about Cece in the book. Once you are in the middle starting to end the book. You will start to relies that the whole book is all about the Author Cece Bell. Please vote!
    Eleanna The Grace School