Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Little Green Men at the Mercury Inn by Greg Letich Smith

Grades: 3+
Genre: Science Fiction

Aidan's family runs a motel near Cape Canaveral, Florida that attracts guests with an interest in space shuttle launches.  When a UFO is sighted and a prosthetic limb starts picking up alien radio transmissions, Aidan begins to realize that some of the guests of the Mercury Inn might know more about inter-galactic travel than he thought...

Author website: gregleitichsmith.com/


  1. Aliens, conspiracies, and a family-owned hotel near Cape Canaveral, Florida: what’s there not to like? When a NASA launch gets delayed due to an unexplainable, enormous UFO, Aidan and his friend Louis try to figure out what’s really going on. There’s got to be a logical explanation, right? However, the explanation that we get is certainly the last thing that any of us would expect…

    Mrs. Rose
    Chester Barrows School

  2. Billy l. The Grace School

    I thought this book was a bit anti-climactic. The book was mostly talking than adventure even though you'd think that a book about aliens would be more exciting. I feel like the book would be more exciting if Greg Leitich Smith would have wrote more about entering the UFO or transforming minds into an alien. Just my thoughts though.