Monday, April 14, 2014

Nelson Mandela by Kadir Nelson

Grades 3+

Nelson Mandela was sent to jail in South Africa in 1964 for speaking out against laws that kept people apart based on their skin color.  He was held there for twenty-seven years.  Mandela continued his protest, even in prison, and became one of the most famous world leaders of our time.

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  1. He reminds me of Martin Luther King. I can't believe he spent 27 years in prison for speaking out against the way the government was treating Black people. How unfair!

    Jaime - Bristol, grade5

  2. i like this book cause i think its unfair how back then they got judgeed for who they are and what they wanted to say they could not say.
    He reminds me Of martin luther king because they thought it isnt fair just because the color of the skin color means more right for that person
    All the people africa loved him because he wants it to be better for people in Africa

    Just cause he spoke his mind he was sent to jail
    But thta didnt stop him he wanted his dream to come true and it did...
    So every body was now free in africa and he became are new leader ! c; (in africa) but he was noticed by lots of people |

    5th grade mrs foleys class Ceder hill Cailin

  3. This makes me think 'Why do they disrespect the colored indinviduels. There is no difference depeneding on color. There is bad people and good people same thing go's for whites. so why the di
    Collin - Cedar Hill, Warick. Grade 5

  4. I really liked this book because it told me about Nelson Mandela and what he fighted for. Also because it told me about how he stayed in prison for 27 years for speaking out against the goverment for black rights and for fair treatments. Christy, Cedar Hill School grade 5, Mrs.foley

  5. I really liked this book because it told me about nelson mandela who was a man who went to prison for 27 years just because he was a black man that spoke up against the government because the way they treated black people. Alaura - Cedar Hill School grade 5, Mrs.Foley

  6. this book is cool because it tells me about his life and i can't believe he was in jail for 27 years for speaking out against the way the government was treating black people. Taylor,grade 5, Cedar Hill, Mrs. Foley

  7. I liked this book because it tells the reader what good deeds Mandela did. It is also good for people that live in south Africa and people that want to know about history of people who protested.

    A Greenbush 4th grade student

  8. This book is about a guy named Nelson Mandela. The best part is when Nelson told why he did not like prejudice. People like you can learn a lot about RACE. If you like history. I Like this book a lot . This book might be a twenty five paged book but that does not mean it can not have a lot of details. I like this book I hope you like it too .I recommend this book for grades second and over.
    Eleanna V.

  9. this book is very boss you should read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TRUST ME

    lincoln central elementary

  10. this book is my favor. cause Nelson Mandela is a HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOO

    L.A.H Lincoln Central

  11. I think this is a great book about Nelson Mandela. This is because, it shows how smart he is by saying how rude people are treating black people. This book reminds me of the march by Martin Luther King JR. because they marched a lot towards the troops and they were arguing. This was because, he wanted to allow black people to vote. I suggest you read this book it's very precise since it says the precise information about Nelson Mandela. It's similar to a biography. I hope you enjoy the preciseness of this precise book

    TZ Lincoln Central Elementary School

  12. I really enjoyed this book because it tells people know matter what you look like you can always be special. This book it about Nelson Mandela dangerous life. Just because this book is 25 pages it tells more then enough about Nelson Mandela