Monday, April 14, 2014

Kelsey Green, Reading Queen by Claudia Mills

Grade 3+
Realistic Fiction

Third grader Kelsey Green loves to read and is determined to help her class win the all-school reading contest and the pizza party prize.  She also has her eye on getting the certificate for top reader in her class.  But will she succeed when some of her classmates don't live up to her expectations?

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  1. This book is about Kelsey green reading queen. The character Kelsey loves to read. The best part that I like is that she has a sleep over. Also when her friends have a pizza party. They eat a lot of pizza. They play games and tell scary stories .
    I like books that have a lot of pictures in it and that has a lot of details about that can really happen.

    Lauren W. Grace school

  2. Kelsey Green, Reading Queen really shows the ups and downs of reading. This is a great story to get kids interested in reading. When I read it I wanted to try and read more books.
    AS Lincoln Central

  3. Kelsey Green, Reading Queen, is a really good book if you like reading. In this book Kelsey is having a contest with the class, who can read the most books. When she thinks another student is cheating she gets upset and tries to make sure its true. read this book to find out if Kelsey wins the contest.

    Lexi N.

  4. Kelsey Green, Reading Queen, is a good book for kids who don't like to read because it shows how books can be interesting. Also the book is about a school that is doing a competition and the class that reads the most books gets a pizza party and Kelsey and Simon are the best two readers and Kelsey tries to prove Simon is cheating.

    Brianna P. Lincoln Centrel