Monday, April 14, 2014

Legend of the Ghost Dog by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Grades 4+

According to the local legend, a mysterious ghost dog haunts the woods of Anita's new hometown in the Alaskan wilderness.  Could these spooky stories be true?  And if so, who is this ghost dog...and what does it want?

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  1. This book was a mystery book! In this book a girl took her dog for a walk, and all of a sudden she heard a strange howl. She went and looked all around to try to find out what her and her dog was hearing. They were searching for awhile. My favorite part is when Anita and the dog went searching for the mysterious noise! If you like mysteries I recommend that you read this book. If you do not read mysteries I do not think you would be into this book at all.
    Fourth Grade Student
    Greenbush Elementary School

  2. You should read this book because it was a good book and it was a mystery. My favorite part was when her dog ran away and he saw a creepy shadow. They didn’t know what the creepy shadow was. You should read this book to find out what the shadow was.

    T.I 4th grade
    Greenbush Elementary

  3. I like this book especially the part when the two girls go out and the hear noises. But you should find out what the noises are on your own. I think that you should read this book. It is very exciting!

    Greenbush Elementary School