Monday, April 14, 2014

Gaby, Lost and Found by Angela Cervantes

Grades 3+
Realistic Fiction

Gaby is devastated when her mother is deported to Honduras, and she is left to adjust to life with a father who is rarely home.  Gaby survives the loneliness and neglect by escaping to her best friend's welcoming home and volunteering in an the animal shelter.  Along the way she discovers a unique talent that helps her to cope.

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  1. I read this book and could not put it down .It about a girl who has been through a very hard time, and is counting on the animals to make her feel better. I loved this book and I hope you do too.

  2. I read Gaby Lost and Found by Angela Cervants and it was the best book ever. The book was sad at times but, it had a happy ending. I would recommend this book to people who love animals. I am glad Gabby Lost and Found is one of the RICBA books. The book was about a girl named Gaby and her mom who was deported to Honduras. Gaby always feels lonely until she meets a stray cat named Feather.
    Paige H.
    Steere Farm Elementary

  3. I read the book Gaby Lost and Found. My favorite character is Feather because she is a funny kitten. You should read this book because It is about a girl who has a very hard time, and loves animals. Gaby meets a stray cat and names it Feathers. I could not put this book down. If you haven't read the book you will have to see what happens at the end for yourself. .
    -K.S Greenbush Elementary School

  4. You should read the book Gaby Lost and Found. It is a very good book to read because it talks about a girl named Gaby who helps out at an animal shelter. I loved this book and I think if you love animals as much as I do, you would enjoy this book. If you want to read something good to read you should read this book.

    Abigail G. Greenbush Elementary School

  5. Gaby lost and found. Gaby lost and found is a very fantastic book. There's this girl named Gaby and she had a pet named feather. Once feather got lost and Gaby was very worried. She went to the shelter and she asked if anyone has seen her and they said yes. Then she saw her cat and she was very exited. So then she went back home with feather. I felt bad for Gaby because her dad only give her $5.00 every day for her food and also her dad didn't love her and Gaby didn't love him either. Gaby had a best friend named Rosa. Rosa was very nice to her and Gaby was nice to her as well. This book is my favorite because it has feather in it and I really love dog and cat. This book is very easy to read and I think you are going to enjoy it if u read this book.
    Vianel-Meeting Street

  6. This book is really good. If you like animals then you will like this book. In this book there is a girl named Gaby. She wants a pet but her dad wont allow her. So she steals it from a pet store.I recommend this awesome book to you. You should read it to find out what happens next.

  7. When i first started reading this book it was like glue was sticking the book to my fingers this book was about little gaby who went through hard times and animals always made her feel better because it reminded her of her mom before she got deported back to honduras
    lincoln central