Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Marty Mcguire by Kate Messner & Brian Floca

Grades 3-6

Committee Annotation: When tomboy Marty is cast as a princess in a school play, she doesn't want anything to do with it until her parents force her to take part. It's only then that she discovers that she can adapt and still be herself.

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  1. This book was about a girl who was a tomboy. She got the part of a princess in a play. My favorite character was Marty Maguire because I think she is funny and brave. I liked this book because it was a very good book and was the type of book that I would read. It was funny and I like to read fiction stories. I think you should read this book because it is a funny book and it is interesting. I hope you like this book!

    Mia C. gr. 3
    Greenbush Elementary School
    West Warwick

  2. I like this book because it`s funny. The main character is Marty Maguire. When she gets a part of a princess in the play she doesn`t understand why she, Marty Maguire, lover of frogs got chosen as a princess. But when she looks on the bright side, she relizes that she might make a good princess.(At least she gets to kiss a frog!) This book is funny because Veronica Grace Smithers screams when she sees frogs.

    Lauren C.

    The Grace School
    Meeting Street School