Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fractions = trouble by Claudia Mills

Grades: 3-4

Committee Annotation: When Wilson Williams is struggling with fractions and his parents hire a math tutor for him, he is mortified. He is determined to make sure that no one finds out, not even his best friend, Josh.

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  1. fractoions is a good book. there is a boy that loves hamsters.

  2. wilson has a hamster.Wilson Willliam does not know math and doesnt like math.He needs help with times table and fractions.There is going to be a mah test on the same day at the science fair.His parents are getting him a math tutor.He does not want anyone to find out.For the science fair he is going to the science fair Wilson is going to explode a pickle.

    Grade 3

  3. Wilson does not like math at all and he needs to learn to do math for the big test. This is a easy book to read.

    5th grade Meeting Street

  4. This book is about a boy named Wilson.He's bad at math,so he gets a math tutor.He dosn't like mathlike the math tutor.

  5. Theres a boy named wilson he doesn't know math. He has a pet named pip i' still reading it but when i'm i'll tell you more roysel 03