Saturday, March 26, 2011

Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm

Grades: 4-6

Committee annotation:

It's 1935 and 11-year-old Turtle moves to Key West to live with her Aunt Minnie. Her Mom is a live-in housekeeper, and her new employer doesn't want children around. Key West turns out to be fascinating, complete with a Diaper Gang, hidden pirates' treasures, and first cousins named Beans, Buddy, and Kermit.


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  1. Alix E. Grade 5, Steere Farm Elementary School, BurrillvilleNovember 7, 2011 at 7:03 AM

    I read the book Turtle in Paradise. I thought this book was very good. I liked this book because Turtle had to live with her aunt Minnie for a while. Her mother was a housekeeper for a lady that didn’t allow children in her home. Aunt Minnie lived in Key West in 1935 with her three sons. Their names were Beans, Kermit, and Buddy. Another thing I liked about this book was that Ira and Pork Chop, who were Bean’s friends, Beans, and Kermit, were in a group called ‘The Diaper Gang’. They took care of babies for the parents, and had a secret formula. The boys worked for candy instead of money. Their only rule was that girls were not allowed in the Diaper Gang. The third thing I liked about Turtle in Paradise was that Turtle had to deliver lunch to an old lady that was her grandmother. Her grandmother wasn’t really fond of children. When Turtle tried to give her lunch, she knocked it off the table onto the floor. After a couple more days, Turtle’s grandmother stopped doing that. They started to like each other after a while. Turtle finds a map somewhere, and she, Kermit, Beans, Pork Chop, and Ira went on an adventure to find a treasure. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books about finding treasure. This book was probably one of my favorites.

  2. The book I read was Turtle in Paradise and it was great. When I read it I thought it was great because I liked when Turtle went to her aunt’s house. When Turtle got to her aunt’s house I like when she got a job. I thought it was funny when she fell in the ocean. I would recommend it to lots of people because I thought it was great.

  3. Rebecca H. Steere Farrm BurrillvilleNovember 7, 2011 at 7:16 AM

    I read the book turtle in Paradise. The reason I liked this book so much was because it was a very good story. It was about a girl named Turtle who goes to live with her aunt Minnie while her mother is a house keeper at a mean lady’s house who won’t let Turtle’s mother talk to her on the phone. (That’s how mean she is.) My favorite part of this book was when there is a really bad storm and Turtle and her cousins get trapped in a very tiny shack. Everyone is crying accept for Turtle who hasn’t cried in over 5 years. Another part of this book that I liked was when the author described the “Diaper Gang” (a little group that Turtle’s cousin’s made up) and how it works and who’s in it. Another feature of this book that is different and interesting was when the author gave nicknames to all of the characters have, to tell you something about them. That is why I like this book so much.

  4. I read the book Turtle in Paradise and I think it was a great book for people who like adventure and surprises.
    Turtle in paradise is about a girl named turtle is sent off from her mother because the lady her mother works for hates kids. Turtle meets her aunt Minnie and her first cousins Beans, Buddy, and Kermit. She finds hidden treasure, explores the island and learns about the diaper gang. Her adventures in Key West are wild and she may have some rough times but it’s an interesting and wild story.
    I recommend this book to anyone who wants a fun adventure and a book to get sucked into the story.

    Steere Farm Elementry

  5. Turtle in Paradise is a great book. My favorite part is when Turtle tricked the ice-cream man into giving her free ice cream. My favorite character was Turtle because she is nice to everybody. The part that I didn’t like was when her mom’s soon to be husband took the treasure and left them on Key West.

    Grade 6
    Orchard Farms Elementry

  6. Turtle in paradise was a fun and exciting book. My favorite character was turtle and Kermit. I love the part when turtle moved in with her aunt Minnie and her aunt got a job. I also liked when turtle and her cuzens went on a adventure and set off to find the pirates treasure. Turtle in paradice by Jennifer l. Holm, was the best book I ever read. I thought that turtle and her cousins would be fun to be around.

    6th grade
    Orchard Farms