Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gator on the Loose! by Sue Stauffacher

Grades: 3-5

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Carter’s Urban Rescue is the place to call when you find a wild animal where it shouldn’t be. Especially, when it’s a baby alligator - loose at the city pool! Follow the fun and adventures of this delightful family who work together to get the job done.


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  1. Matthew B. from Steere Farm Elementary, BurrillvilleNovember 7, 2011 at 7:05 AM

    I read the book Gator on the Loose and I did not like the book. There were way too many details. I only like them when they have enough, not too much. There was not enough action, they were mostly talking and walking around or cooking or whatever, but there was not enough fast-pace action. There was no mystery. It was too predictable. The alligator was hardly in the story. It appeared a couple of times but it was mostly about everyone else. Baby Paulo, Mama, Papa. The whole story was supposed to be about the gator, Gator on the Loose. The title almost had nothing to do with the story. I do not recommend it to anybody. I would not read it again. I wouldn’t tell you to read it, it’s not good. I could be wrong, you might like it, but I didn’t.

  2. I read Gator on the Loose it was a little funny and I loved it.
    When they found a baby alligator in a public pool they don’t know
    What to do with the alligator then the alligator eats a toy. It has some
    Cool facts. It was funny because a little baby was playing with a toy and he got mad so he threw the toy out the window. And the alligator ate the toy. The author really had a lot of detail. I like how the author made the alligator a baby. And when they caught the gator it escaped and they found it but they tried to find a home for the gator but they could not. Then the grandmother found a home but none of the kids wanted to give the gator away. And the main character friends they wanted to have the gator but the parents did not want it. That is what I think about this book

    sully m
    Steere Farm

  3. I read the book Gator on the Loose. It was especially funny when Carters rescue team was called to capture a baby gator at a city pool. Also there are little kids on the rescue team and they catch gators to. A funny part was when Baby Paulo, a girl ran in the boys locker room to rush her brother out to rescue an alligator. Another funny part is when the Animal rescue team was called to go to a city pool and rescue an alligator. The rescue team is lead by Baby Paulo, Mama, and papa. It was a good and funny book. Brandon Grade 6, Orchard Farms School

  4. I read the book Gator on the loose by sue stauffacherIt was about a girl who helps he dad and family ketch wild animals. The girl works with her grandmother as answering the phone for the company. They have to go to go to the city pool to ketch an alligator. She has a little brother that is crazy and wants to ketch the alligator. He scares the alligator out of the water but the alligator is to fast for the dad and the family. The city pool has a fake alligator and they have to get the alligator out from the fake alligator. They cover the fake alligator with a trash bag and ketch the alligator.I recremend this book to people who like a easy read but not to hard.
    Austin B. Steere Farm Elementry

  5. I read Gator On The Loose thought it is a funny book. I thought it is funny book because when the baby brother though the music making toy out the window. Another funny part was when the grandma was watching the alligator but it got lose. I also liked it when the twins how are friends with the girl helped out cleaning the mud off her brother. I thought it was cool when she held a baby gator. I think lots of people would love this book.

    Peter S.
    Steere Farm Elementary

  6. Gator On The Loose is about a rescue family who takes care of wild animals. They once find a baby alligator on the loose in a public pool and don't know what to do with it. This is a really funny book and does not take too long to read. Great for kids who like comedy!